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About Edurelief

Edurelief is a development organization focused on breaking the cycle of poverty, improving quality of life and encouraging hope in the future of people’s lives around the world through sustainable education, training, and advocacy on their behalf.

Our goal is to support communities and help them meet the immediate need of ensuring their children’s right to education, but also to partner with them, empowering the communities to establish long-term, sustainable solutions to the issues they are faced with today.

Our Foundational Value of Hope

Hope for the child. We agree and adhere to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child which promotes a child’s right to education, health, safety, and family regardless of race, religion, sex, or disability. We always seek the best interest of the child, taking measures to protect them, encourage healthy, holistic development, and defend their rights. We recognize that a child has free will and personal responsibility.

Hope for communities. We participate in holistic, sustainable development, and uphold cultural values. We believe in the value of family, of quality work, of individual dignity, and in strengthening the sense of personal responsibility. We consider it great gain to establish partnerships with existing projects and local professionals with the goal of promoting sustainability and ownership of projects by the community.

Hope within our team. Our team consists of volunteers upheld by high moral standards. We value and respect the work of each member. Our members are accountable to each other and work with honesty and transparency. We place a high value on cultural sensitivity and creative ideas and as a team we stand, advocating on behalf of those whose rights are ignored or not upheld. 


Our Mission: Edurelief is a nonprofit organization that provides sustainable education opportunities to communities in Mongolia.