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Why Mongolia?

We get a lot of questions in our line of work, one of the more common ones being, “why Mongolia?” Our short answer is, well, we love Mongolia! There is something about this country and people that has inspired our hearts to do something to make a difference here, to give a voice to the voiceless. Our other answer is simply, “why not?” Children all over the world have the right to learn and there is need everywhere. But with the eyes of the world world often focused on other corners of the globe we feel it very important to continue to fight for the cause of Mongolian children and make sure they are not forgotten.

Mongolia is a country of only 2.8 million people. We do not see that as a reason, however, to give less help, but instead see it as an opportunity to help bring a brighter future not only to a few communities, but to an entire country. We work long hours, invest our own money, and even move to Mongolia because we believe in the future of this country. We believe in its young generation and their ability to take on the responsibility of leading their country when the time comes. We hope that you will believe in Mongolia as we do, and help us make a positive impact across the country for this generation, and those yet to come.


Our Mission: Edurelief is a nonprofit organization that provides sustainable education opportunities to communities in Mongolia.