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How You Can Help

So you’ve heard about what we do and now you want to help. You’ve come to the right place. We want to work with you and your personal creativity and strengths, releasing the skills you have to make a difference. We don’t have a step-by-step process of what to do, however we would like to share with you some different ways our volunteers have succeeded in making an impact with their time and talents. Our best advice? Take initiative, be creative, make it yours.

Here’s some ideas:

Be a pioneer.
Are you a leader? Do you like to motivate and oversee others? Start a local satellite, or a club at your school. If you’re a visionary, people will follow. You can lead them to do amazing things. Get a team around you, set some goals, and then be creative and use your talents to make a difference. We want you on the team.

Join a satellite.
Satellites and student groups are popping up around the world. Get plugged in. Find your nearest group and commit your skills to help make a difference. We need you.

Open your mouth.
Do you love to talk? We want your help to introduce us to the world. Call your friends, email your coworkers, pass notes in class, blog about us. Introduce us to businesses and corporations you think might be interested in learning about us. Go to the papers in your town or school. Just start talking.

Throw an event, be a campaign manager.
Love crowds? Thrown an event. They get people involved, connect the community, and are great for raising awareness and funds. Put on a dance party, an informational night, or simply a table in your school’s cafeteria. We’ve got the campaigns you’ve got the voice. Contact us with your ideas and we’ll help you make it happen with our media packs, videos, and merchandise.

Make stuff.
You’re the artist, you have the talent, and it’s time to use it. Get out your skills and start creating, show it off to your friends, at your school, or at work. Express yourself and then put it up for auction to help kids stay in school. If you can make your stuff in bulk contact us and we’ll talk to you about selling it right here on the site.

Have some people over.
Invite the girls over for tea or get the guys together for the big game. Tell them about Edurelief and sip that Earl Grey in honor of some Mongolian kids. Bet on the game and rig it so the kids win.

Compete for good.
Do you run marathons for fun? Are you a master of Wii Bowling? Do your buddies weep when you’re the last one standing in Halo? It’s time to do what you do best, but this time it’s for good. Find sponsors for your next run, organize the ultimate tournament and charge an entrance fee. Take lots of photos and we’ll feature you on the site. It’s competitive social action and the winner is always kids in Mongolia.

Make some noise.
Do you and your friends love to play? Do you know some local musicians who’ll sing their hearts out for Mongolia? Organize a show in your basement, or ask a local venue to donate a night for a benefit show. Get some flyers and make some posters to pack the place out. We’ll get you some merch and you can charge a entrance fee to make your night count.

Be a chef.
Be a Martha Stewart for Mongolia. Get some friends together, put on your aprons and get cooking. Sell your mouth watering treats at work, church, or to your neighbors. Hit up your local restaurants to make a difference by putting on a benefit where they donate a percentage (coming soon) of their profits go to kids in Mongolia.

Sell sell sell!
Junk sales are big business. Your garbage is my vintage treasure. It’s simple; clean out your room and login to eBay or setup a yard sale. Your spouse and your house will thank you, and so will kids who are back in school.

La Marchandise.
Want to give a boost to your event or fundraiser? Do you love t-shirts and wristbands as much as we do? Contact us and we can hook your team up with merchandise you can sell to raise money and look rad at the same time. If you’re planning big let us know, we can talk about creating merch specific to your event.

Attend an event.
Don’t have the time to organize your own world changing event? Go to one. Events are nothing without people coming to them. Checkout our upcoming events to find one near you.

Corporate fundraising.
Did you know that many companies will match the funds donated by employees? We want to empower your company to make a difference. We can provide detailed information about our programs and mission to your company as well as promotional materials to share with your coworkers. Contact us or get a corporate handbook to get started!

Stay informed.
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Our Mission: Edurelief is a nonprofit organization that provides sustainable education opportunities to communities in Mongolia.