People Doing Good

Edurelief wouldn’t exist if it were not for our generous donors and volunteers. They are incredible people who understand the importance of education and have invested in our programs to see children receive a chance at a brighter future.

There are also people who take their initiative a lot farther.  They go to their friends and family, raising money $10, $20 at a time with their unique and creative fundraising efforts to change the lives of children in Mongolia.

Here are some of our new friends, and the amazing feats they have performed in the name of Edurelief and the children of Mongolia; running marathons, dedicating birthday parties, and inspiring their student peers. We thank you for your incredible work.

Jonathan R - Gave up birthday presents. Raised $1,285.
Nicholas L - Put on a fundraising show at his school. Raised $1,176.
Demian F - Went to his company for a matching donation. Raised $600.
Nathan B - Ran a marathon. Raised $300.
Glorybee Foods - Employee fundraising challenge / match. Raised $3,844.
Calvary Fellowship - Ongoing fundraising. Raised $3,670 to date.
Cecily W - Gave up birthday presents in 2008.
Ben R - Gave up birthday presents in 2008.
The Donovans - Ran a Christmas fundraiser. Raised $1,300.
Josh M - Put on a Christmas fundraiser. Raised $260.
Zaya N - Made t-shirts for her Mongolian Facebook group.
Jonathan R - Gave up birthday presents again, raised $1,700!
Katie J - Is swimming races, getting sponsored. Raised $155 to date.
Capucine - Is selling t-shirts, buttons, magnets, and building a library!
Nathan B - Is running in 243 miles of races this year. Sponsor a mile or two!

Running a marathon? Climbing a mountain? About to do something really crazy?

These are all great ideas to raise money for education in Mongolia. Contact us and we’ll set up profile page and track the donations you raise.


Our Mission: Edurelief is a nonprofit organization that provides sustainable education opportunities to communities in Mongolia.