Get Involved

Volunteers across the world have helped us reach thousands of children in Mongolia. We would love nothing more than to have you on board, being a part of this vision to bring hope and dignity to the lives of these children and their communities. Our volunteers are passionate, highly motivated, and are using their own creativity to see this happen. We are always looking for people with the heart to raise awareness, support, and funds for Edurelief and what we do.

So you’ve heard about what we do and now you want to help. You’ve come to the right place. We want to work with you and your personal creativity and strengths, releasing the skills you have to make a difference. We don’t have a step-by-step process of what to do, however we would like to share with you some different ways our volunteers have succeeded in making an impact with their time and talents. Our best advice? Take initiative, be creative, make it yours.


Our Mission: Edurelief is a nonprofit organization that provides sustainable education opportunities to communities in Mongolia.